CelebratingPhysical expression

Wedding Ceremonies

Certified reverend in the state of Hawaii and California, able to perform ceremonies in multiple states and abroad, with traditions integration.

Group Classes

Transformation sessions for adults, children & teens. Awakening the Goddess Within. Creative Cooking. Intuition Expansion classes.

Private Sessions

Private and couples sessions in person or remote. Ho’ o ponopono. Manifesting abundance, clearing blockages. Guidance and clarity.

About Shirin

Intuitive healer and teacher, Shirin, brings over 30 years of experience to her expansive and powerful work. Drawing on global experience and a diverse background, Shirin’s work incorporates the quantum healing techniques of ThetaHealing™, Native American systems of Spirituality, and Hawaiian Mysticism. Her teachers include: Native American teacher/revealer Ka’chi, Vianna Stibal, founder of ThetaHealing™, Ed Kaiwi, Hawaiian Kahuna. Shirin received her BA in psychology from University of California San Diego.

Because of the broad scope of her training and abilities, Shirin offers a unique combination of healing approaches specifically tailored to each individual. Knowing that all true healing comes from the Creator and is expressed through love, her approach is infused with love and a connection to the Divine. Aware of the relationship between individual and community, thought and expression, emotion and health, her work weaves together the many layers of our human journey.

Shirin holds the space at the intersection of the spiritual and physical, navigating the spiritual realm while celebrating the beauty of our physical expression. She is a student in the art of motherhood: guiding a spiritually conscious child into full bloom. Honoring all the senses, she delights in creative cooking, introducing her native Persian elements to the tropical flavors of her Kaua’i home. Shirin has a deep love of orchids, (some know her as the Orchid Angel), cultivating environments where the orchids’ high vibrations elevate the beauty and healing energy of a chosen area.

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People Speak Out

Working with Shirin and learning how to use theta has been the most empowering experience of my life. She is an accomplished healer, an inspiring teacher and she generously gave me the gift of how to heal myself and others. Shirin is a gentle, gracious guide that allows me to learn and unfold at my own pace, as Divine time allows it. Nowhere in her being or her teaching does ego ever enter. Her intentions are always very clear and focused – to hold a safe, sacred space that allows you to experience your OWN true potential power. My gratitude to the Divine, to Shirin and to myself, for being open and brave enough to experience my true potential. My life has become the life of my dreams – I use what Shirin has taught me to continue to manifest my heart's every wish.

Alia Shah Thetahealing and Reiki Practitioner

Today in our world we are surrounded by gifted healers, healing with Universal forces. They are knowledgeable and aware of spiritual transformation for our mind, body and spirit. Shirin is one of these gifted healers and a teacher that is able to connect with the core of who you are. Wondrously delightful in spirit, she is dedicated to your well being. Her naturalness is accompanied by her impeccability, genuine caring and empowerment for others. Well versed in Theta Healing waves as well as other healing practices makes her an individual that has great understanding to work with the aspects of you that are transforming. I have been blessed by her works and her phenomenal abilities. Shirin is comforting, insightful and uses her clairvoyant sight to focus on what needs shifting in your consciousness.

Ka’chi Spiritual Revealer and Pastoral Counselor

I am forever grateful to Shirin for healing me from the nightmares & post traumatic stress from witnessing the World Trade Center being blown up from less than a hundred yards, along with childhood P.T.S.D. She is a very special person and I always give my testimony to people about her facilitating my healing, her wonderful sense of humor, and her remarkable gifts. I brag about her all the time. When something is wonderful regardless of what it is, I express great passion for the various forms of goodness and excellence that Spirit has given me, whether it is music, healing, massage, food, the arts, etc. Thanks again, Shirin – you are the best!

Denny Mourouse Saxophonist, Composer

I’ve known Shirin for almost 10 years now. When I first met her I was going through a big transition in relationships. Shirin helped me to release many negative patterns that were keeping me from living my dream life and from finding my soul partner. Now I’m living the life I’ve always wanted with the best partner I can possibly imagine. Shirin has always been supportive of my continued growth and has been instrumental in helping me to manifest many beautiful things and people in my life. Needless to say I highly recommend any workshop, CD, or personal session with her.

Anthony Prem Carlisi Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Author

Shirin’s name has become a mantra for me this past week. There are simply no words to express my gratitude for the “release” she performed for me. Only now do I understand that I have literally been under some kind of inherited spell of the deeply wounded, fear-based patriarchal paradigm – and my overwhelming sense of urgency and the corresponding need to “make something happen” has simply slipped away – and replaced by a deep, abiding sense that all is well. It feels as though I have come to experience authentic peace of mind – which is priceless.

PJ California

Over the past several years, I have had the privilege of meeting with Shirin for private sessions during my frequent trips to Kauai from New England. During that time she has provided me with endless support, reasons for maintaining hope, techniques for healing and much valued advice as I have experienced ovarian cancer. Attending the introductory half-day course helped build upon the skills that I have learned over the years. I look forward to attending the 3 day course to further develop my knowledge related to theta healing. Shirin is a true gift to the world.

Patti New England