UnconditionalLove in every cell

Enjoy your journey through this precious life

Meet Shirin

Welcome & Aloha

My wish is to create awareness of your connection to Creator. Whatever word you use to identify this Creative Force: Higher Power, God, Goddess, or Zero Point Energy, is appreciated. Connectivity to this Source is what we are all born with.

Throughout our journey of life, layers accumulate and the clarity of the connection isn’t always present. Connection, though, is always present. Whether a thin stream or an ocean of light, it is always present. My work is to empower you to live in this light, in the unconditional love of Creator. Attention goes where your thought focuses. Focus on unconditional love in every cell of your being.

Enjoy your journey through this precious life.

Love and Gratitude.
— Shirin


People Speak Out

I just want to thank you, Shirin, so much for the fabulous work you did on me. I feel so liberated! I can almost describe it as I always walked around with a hollow pit inside me. I absolutely feel whole and confident. It hasn’t even phased me twice about not feeling worthy. I am noticing now that my whole life I functioned with this feeling of being lesser than. I don’t carry that horrible feeling around with me anymore. Shirin, I feel so blessed that I found you and I thank you so much for what you have done for me!

Molly San Francisco

Shirin’s work touched my soul deeply and sustainably. When I got a chance to connect with Shirin in summer ’09, I could feel that this was exactly the right thing for me. Within a few minutes of beginning our Theta session, a lot of energy released itself from me, into the air and my soul spontaneously reconnected to the Great Source. And it does every single day since then... Shirin shows such amazing healing qualities and I am most grateful from my heart that this chance was offered to me.

Liane South Germany