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Connecting to Source changes your life instantly! Release negative, self-critical voices from your head, relieve stress and feel more grounded and balanced. Integrate this empowering force into your daily life and live your life to the fullest.

What is inside of us affects our outside world. Our outside world influences how we feel inside. We get locked into isolating energies or patterns and we forget our Connection is ever present. We are always connected to the light of all that is!

We’re like batteries that can plug in and get recharged at any moment we choose. The frequency of our brainwaves influences the experiences we’re having, so learning how to work with our own brainwaves assists in the transformation of our life. There are five brainwaves: Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma. In a theta state, we are at our most receptive and co-creative and are able to make shifts to release non-serving, self-sabotaging subconscious beliefs and create new positive patterns in our lives.

Beyond the mind is purest love. Learn a more holistic approach encompassing your body, emotions, intellect, ego, soul and spirit with ease and grace. Improve your daily connection with Source and truly align with your highest and best path.

Weekly online classes as well as other courses are all offered through

Empowering tools I will teach you:

  • Connect to Source easily, understand the science of brainwaves
  • Define obstacles to achieve and maintain balance
  • Release negative blockages and integrate beneficial patterns
  • Use your imagination in the most powerful way
  • Live a more joyful life through a deeper spirituality
  • Master self-healing from dis-ease
  • Learn manifesting techniques and witness your dreams unfolding

Visit to learn about Ready Set RESET Activation Platform. Take these weekly online classes from the comfort of your own space “live” during class time or at your leisure with the video recordings provided of every class. Whether with the group or on your own, the synergy of class is palpable and provides a safe environment for empowerment and transformation.

Commit to transformation empowered by you! Manifest your dreams and change your daily reality on this beautiful planet earth! Transform into our whole selves and transform our world!

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People Speak Out

Shirin is a natural teacher who lifts your spirits while you learn and explore your inner and outer self. I have been working with her for over three years now and always feel like I’m gaining new skills, while I embrace new techniques into my life and feel so much better for having been in her classes. And all without commuting, parking, finding the classroom or driving home after so much relaxation when I’d rather just chill afterwards with no hassle. I give Shirin my highest recommendation!

Yvonne Walker Professional Astrologer, San Francisco

Shirin’s online classes and private sessions are instrumental in my personal transformation. I need a strong practice and taking Shirin’s weekly online class connects me with a community that supports me in practicing new behaviors and attitudes with consistency. Private sessions give me a separate space to work on more specific, personal issues. I also use her audio recordings to help when I get off track. All of my work with Shirin has brought me ever closer to my truest self, my highest path and is leading me into a more joyful life, filled with self-love. Thank you, Shirin!

Sheryl Allen Project Manager

I just recently finished my second advanced class with Shirin. The changes in my life have been so profound it is hard to put into words. The best I can say, is that it’s a whole new world. I tell my friends and family, who seem interested in Theta, that the 3 day course is a combination of incredible discovery, genuine company, and the reception of skills that can truly serve you for the rest of your life. On day three I found myself amazed by how fast time had gone by and overwhelmed with gratitude for the tremendous amount of applicable knowledge I had gained. Participating in a full workshop was the retreat like experience I needed to develop myself in this wonderful modality.

Jay Wong California

First, thank you, Shirin, again for the opportunity to be with you (and all) during the intro to Theta! What rich, valuable information and experiences you share! Second, I’d like to say that the tight scar tissue from the Staph infection I had at the time of the class, though it wasn’t worked on directly, improved majorly, about 90%, back to normal! I experienced healing and a balance of skin, tissue, tendons flexibility - without limited pulling and tightness! I am most grateful! I found Shirin’s class to be extremely informative and you to be most clear. For me, it was well balanced with instructions and experience. Shirin is so in tune with her participants – of ’where’ they are – and keeping them involved. Also, her warm loving spirit is so inviting, creating a fertile space in which to learn, grow and remember.

Annalia, Ph.D., DD California

When my child took Shirin’s Rainbow class for children a couple of years ago, my son and I took a very intimate, heartfelt, and subtle journey exploring a new world. Entering theta, or being in a space of young children and parents whom Shirin brought into the theta brainwaves, created moments of healing, insight and awakening consciousness for myself and my son. Truthfully, when we signed up for the class, and I had heard most children attending would be aged 5, I believed the class energy would be “too wild” or “too inattentive” to receive this meditative experience. Each time we came, I needed to cast my doubt aside, for it simply was not true. The children embraced the experience. My son and I received very special tools to use in our daily life. I highly recommend this class for young children. Thank you, Shirin, for all you do!

Carrie and Kolea Kauai

When I first heard about Theta healing, I did not know what it was although it seemed wonderful. In the first Rainbow class when we learned about what we would learn to do, it resonated so well with what I have always known about healing and energy work. I loved every single class we did, and it all felt intuitive, like I already knew I could do it. I especially enjoyed learning and exploring the planes of existence. It was an amazing learning-about-healing experience, and I know I will continue to use what I learned throughout my life. I am grateful to Shirin for being such a wonderful teacher!

Maka Viernes California