ThetaHealingGuided sessions

Theta Waves, disc one

Theta Waves (disc one)

Shirin Guided ThetaHealing Session

In this first CD in the Theta Waves series, Shirin gently guides you through a journey into ThetaHealing – using one’s theta brain waves to bring about positive change. Shirin includes five practices to open your chakras, to clear your space, to clear the space around you, to shower Creator’s unconditional love into every cell, every organ, every level of your being, and finally, to shower another with Creator’s unconditional love – to create healing from afar. Created for first-time and experienced ThetaHealing students, this 33-minute CD can help you easily incorporate ThetaHealing into your daily life.

$19.97 + Shipping

$20.00 (6 tracks)

$5.00 per track

# Track title Time Size Mp3
1. Introduction 2:50 4.79 Mb
2. Opening Chakras 12:00 19.96 Mb
3. Clear your space 6:14 10.45 Mb
4. Clear the space around you 3:59 6.73 Mb
5. Unconditional love for self 4:28 7.52 Mb
6. Unconditional love for others 6:07 10.06 Mb

Theta Waves, disc two

Theta Waves (disc two)

Shirin Guided ThetaHealing Meditation

In this CD, Shirin guides you through several ThetaHealing practices, which naturally take you into the Theta brainwave. Everyone experiences Theta brainwaves prior to sleep. Practices include: Balancing of brain and body chemistry; hormones, adrenals, thyroid and overall pH (aids depression and hormonal fluctuations), feeling oneness with all, worthiness, renewing connection to Source, feeling impervious to negative forces, revitalizing with life force “Mana” and integration process of this work. Created for first-time and experienced ThataHealing students, this 33-minute CD will help you incorporate balance and harmony in this time of shift and renewal.

$19.97 + Shipping

$20.00 (7 tracks)

$5.00 per track

# Track title Time Size Mp3
1. What is a theta wave 1:52 2.98 Mb
2. Preparation and Hydration 1:55 3.36 Mb
3. Connection to whole self
and Creator
5:49 9.56 Mb
4. Worthiness of connecting 4:40 7.68 Mb
5. Balancing of hormones, pH,
body chemistry
4:17 6.99 Mb
6. Impervious to negative energies 4:15 6.89 Mb
7. Mana life force revitalization 3:35 6.28 Mb

Free Yourself from Insomnia

Free Yourself from Insomnia

Several Guided Meditations

In this 42 minute CD, Shirin leads you through several guided meditations allowing the listener to utilize their Theta brain waves, relieving insomnia. Everyone experiences Theta brain waves prior to falling asleep. In a natural cycle, your brain waves slow down from Beta (active mind) to Alpha (calm and meditative state) to Theta (connected and creative state) to Delta (deep sleep). Doing these exercises encourages a healthy brainwave cycle and promotes deeper sleep.

$19.97 + Shipping

$20.00 (9 tracks)

$5.00 per track

# Track title Time Size Mp3
1. Introduction 2:37 6.12 Mb
2. Release the label of being an insomniac/deep restful sleep 4:19 10.12 Mb
3. Release worry of too little sleep 3:59 9.34 Mb
4. Equating the sleep you get with the sleep you need 4:48 11.25 Mb
5. Release stress and anxiety 4:26 10.39 Mb
6. Wake up refreshed and renewed 3:05 7.24 Mb
7. Clearing space/Feeling safe 5:09 12.06 Mb
8. Deep relaxation 10:44 25.16 Mb
9. Harp lullaby 10:44 7.66 Mb


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My love and gratitude to each and every one of you. May your journey continue with ease and grace.

— Shirin

People Speak Out

I have had the incredible opportunity to experience both receiving the benefits of Theta Healing with Shirin and of taking the Level one, two and refresher classes. The classes have supplied me with invaluable tools for my own personal healing and evolution that I use on a daily basis. This is an elegantly simple and straight forward technique that lends itself perfectly to both self help and to working with others. Shirin is a skilled and delightful instructor. I highly recommend taking part in learning and experiencing Theta Healing.

Mimi Miller, L.Ac San Francisco

Practicing Theta has unlocked potential in my life that was dormant. I have gained an outlook toward myself and others that reflects my joyful inner child. I would recommend working with Shirin in any capacity you can and, if possible, take the beginning and advanced courses.

I’m so thankful I met Shirin and learned Theta at the young age of 22. I will carry it with me the rest of my life. Thank you, Shirin!

Clint Nelson e-Commerce Director