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Coming together with your sacred partner and celebrating this union is a very blessed time. There is much to prepare for, beyond the details of the physical event itself. Your spirits are coming together to merge paths. This union brings joy and love to the hearts of all who celebrate you. The ceremony becomes the focal point for a huge amount of love: the two of you, those around you in physical form and also your ancestors and loved ones in spirit form. My work is to stand with you as the officiant and to hold the space of love and support, so that no matter how large or small your wedding is, you feel this love while feeling protected in your own space, committing your love to one another.

I believe the ceremony needs to be customized, so I meet and connect with the couple to understand their wishes and how to create the optimum wedding ceremony. Together we will create exactly what you want and all those present will feel connected to your authentic expression. Your wedding will be one of the most memorable events of your life.

Influences of Native American, Hawaiian and Persian traditions may weave through my work. The ceremony can be elaborate or simple, short or long. Once again, it will match who you are as a couple. Together we will realize the highest vision for your sacred celebration.
— Shirin

Licensed Minister

As a Licensed Minister in the states of Hawaii and California, Shirin performs traditional, non-denomenational, Hawaiian style, Persian weddings, alternative weddings and vow renewal ceremonies.

In addition to performing weddings on the beautiful beaches of Kaua’i and California, Shirin has officiated ceremonies in a variety of locations, formal and informal. It is important that the bride and groom feel comfortable and loved. In preparation for this ritual, couples may choose to have private sessions with Shirin. She helps both bride and groom cultivate a deeper understanding of this sacred process and the realization of its highest vision.

Small private weddings or vow renewal ceremonies may be held on Shirin’s property. This lush, vibrant land has a waterfall and over 500 orchids (Shirin is also known as the Orchid Angel). It is a magical, private place that offers memorable moments and serene, tropical beauty. The waterfall altar is truly breath taking, and it symbolizes the washing away of the old and bringing in new, fresh energy for the couple’s marriage or renewal. Performing a ceremony on this land allows you to incorporate the exquisite orchid energy and the power of the land.

Shirin’s marriage services are personalized to fulfill your vision of a sacred ceremony. She weaves a sense of connectedness entwining the lives of all in attendance to create an unforgettable experience.

Officiate Wedding Ceremonies

  • Certified reverend in the state of Hawaii and California
  • Able to perform ceremonies in multiple states and abroad
  • Pre and post wedding counseling for the couple
  • Integration of different traditions into the ceremony
  • Serving the LGBTQ+ community

People Speak Out

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, and thank you for your beautiful support, love and guidance with our wedding. It was an incredible moment for both of us and we both felt really blessed that you conducted and created our ceremony! I in particular had been full of fears and anxieties and was facing so many old paradigms to do with self love and my self worth and lovability. Since the ceremony huge shifts have happened for me. I feel freer, lighter and more open than I have for years. I feel incredibly blessed to be here now. Thank you for being part of this journey. I hope to share space with you again someday. Much, much love.

Hannah de la Joy California

Shirin, thank you so much for helping make our wedding day the best day of our lives. Our ceremony set the tone for the rest of our wedding day and, thanks to you, it was absolutely perfect! It is amazing that it truly felt as though the three of us were the only ones there at times, yet you involved our guests and made it a special experience for them as well. So many of our guests complimented us (well, actually you) on our ceremony and how it was truly unique and so very genuine. You are such a beautiful person and it really shines through you during the ceremony! We cannot properly thank you, we can just say that our wedding day will be one that we will never forget and always look back on with such joy and so much gratitude for you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hoda Parvinchi Professional Makeup Artist

I was totally moved and touched, not only by Shirin’s voice, which was soothing and calming, but also by her being. Even before she opened her mouth, I just knew I was going to have a totally different experience. The wedding ceremony was so beautiful — her energy was simple and loving yet profound. I was amazed. If she was small enough I would have put her in my pocket and brought her home! There are not even words to describe her. She is the most fascinating woman I have ever met and I do not recall anyone who has given me such a warm feeling. This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I could truly tell it was from the heart. Thank you, Shirin, for giving my daughter and her husband an unforgettable experience and the most beautiful ceremony I have ever attended.

Valerie Flizanes Mother of the Bride

Thank you, Shirin, for helping us to create a magical ceremony. We were so lucky to have found Shirin and we knew just in our phone conversations that she was the spiritual presence we wanted to bless our union. Shirin was open and willing to create the kind of experience we wanted to have as our wedding ceremony. She was brilliant in her performance by infusing spirit with words, and wisdom with presence. We were told many times that our ceremony was the best that our guests had ever experienced. We thought it was perfect and will forever be grateful for the love she gave us by participating and officiating. The thing we are most grateful for is that we captured it all on video and will forever be able to replay this perfect day and miraculous ceremony! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!! If you’re shopping around for a wedding officiant, look no further. You will have no regrets, and moreover, have an awesome angel blessing your marriage ceremony with loving, compassionate, open, generous, and heartfelt energies that can only come from the heavens.

J.J. Flizanes and Brian Albers California

Shirin is one of the most caring, spiritual and loving people that I know, so it only seemed natural to have her perform our wedding ceremony. Her grace and presence filled each of our hearts that day, making the ceremony so special and sacred. Thank you, Shirin!

Kelli Bowen Founder Gypsy Rose Belly Dance

Growing up, I never really understood how magical a wedding could be – and I credit Shirin for making our wedding an unforgettable experience. She speaks beautifully and exudes joy and grace. There’s something that can’t really be explained in words though, that sets her apart from anyone else who conducts ceremonies. She effortlessly feels the vibe of the audience and the couple and through her own way turns all the energy into a positive, loving energy that is truly unbelievable.

Payam Parvinchi Medical Doctor